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  1. Carlotta Phelan

    Making things fall into place: Carlotta Phelan delicately weaves together the dichotomies of hard versus soft and natural versus artificial combining juxtapositions to create sensuality and depth in her work as a set designer. Drawing from her years long experience as an interior designer, Carlotta is heavily influenced by Italian modernist design and architecture. On set Carlotta convinces with her ability to experiment and play with ideas to achieve a beautiful outcome that transcends what meets the eye.


  2. Cathrin Sonntag

    Raw and approachable, precise and intuitive - the artistic visions by Cathrin Sonntag are decisive but never dogmatic. Driven by a clear vision and high standards her works evolve around still life photography and set design that combine differing elements to harmonious concepts. Numerous international designer and luxury brands value the unique qualities of her approach, developed during more than 15 years on the job. Since 2019 she also consults as texture expert for beauty productions.


  3. Christiane Graf

    Fashion stylist Christiane Graf is based in Germany.


  4. Christiane Wunsch

    Christiane Wunsch approaches her castings with intuition and a focus on contemporary aesthetics. Her passionate and enthusiastic nature makes the former casting director of CLOSED a favourite for collaborations across all sectors.


  5. Linda Sigg

    People, places, travels - make up artist Linda Sigg finds inspiration in life on the move. As a former make up artist for theatre, opera and ballet Linda knows how to highlight unique details and bring out the special character of a person. Her timeless and modern style pays homage to natural beauty with a twist. Being born in Switzerland her always-on-time mindset got a lot of fans on set and is fueled by good, strong coffee.


  6. Max Attila Bartsch

    Minimalist, clear, neutral. In his portrait-centered photography Max Attila Bartsch creates focused, modern classics that concentrate on the immersive power of aesthetic light moods and the essentials. With good music and serenity Max transforms busy sets into a productive working atmosphere.


  7. Ourania Marmara

    Ourania Marmara gets inspired by details. As a fashion stylist she finds new ideas around every corner. Her modern style with a hint of kitsch is informed by art and music as much as by beautifully draped trash around a lamppost. Ouranias strong creative concepts are backed by her communication skills which she perfected as a fashion assistant for Harper ́s Bazaar and fashion editor for L ́Officiel before going her own ways.


  8. Rabea Roehll

    With ever changing paths to inspiration hair artist Rabea Roehll is creating harmonious looks in a modern and timeless style. From fuzzy hair to spontaneous looks her ability to quickly adapt to the needs at a set provide a calm and pleasant mood.


  9. Sonja Klements

    Visually sensitive with a trained eye for unadorned, moody and direct looks Sonja Klements` work is inspired by the immediate aesthetics of the 90s. As a creative and art director she is scanning her everyday surroundings for new ideas. Being a former graphic and editiorial designer a strong focus of her holistic approach lies on the concept and development of ideas for still and moving images.


About us

4Artists Management is a curated network of artists, specializing in photography, styling, hair & make up and set design. Our handpicked team members complement each other and deliver aesthetically unique working results.
As committed partner 4AM supports you in finding the right creatives to develop captivating stories with authenticity and impact. Time to tell yours.

Johannes Sigg is the founder of 4AM.
With many years of experience in high fashion he manages the network of creative individuals with great care, precision and a smile. Running free with his Cocker Spaniel Mika helps him unwind after long days.



General enquiries:

4Artists Management - Johannes Sigg
Carsten-Rehder-Str. 54, 22767 Hamburg

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